In Memory of Mr. Rob Smith


  • Kim Harley, Baker Botts LLP

    “Emily Rodriquez was one of our first Don Bosco students. She was so fabulous that we’ve hired her during the summer while she was in high school. After graduating, I kept in touch with her while she was in college. I am proud to say that the firm hired Emily in February as my Records and Information Governance Analyst. I interviewed four other candidates and hands down Emily was the best selection. Thank you!”

  • Carine Brice, American Health Lawyers Association

    “I have enjoyed working with Yael these past four years. He has been a great asset to the AHLA team. We are happy to have played a huge part in his professional growth. Yael is a wonderful, hardworking and bright young man and such a good role model to his peers. I wish him much success and happiness. I will truly miss him.”

  • Mildred Williams, Children’s National Medical Center

    “Maria is a wonderful young lady with a bright future. She has provided us with A1 service throughout her tenure here. Thank you for sending her to us. I know she will do well and she will succeed with high honors.”

  • Karen Murphy, Brookfield Office Properties

    “We are going to miss Carmen tremendously! Carmen has been an absolute dream. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Carmen! You have a very bright future ahead of you!”

  • Sheilene Scott, Medstar/Georgetown University Hospital

    “Today was Isis’ last day with our office, we appreciate all the help that she has provided us over the years. Isis represents maturity and professionalism. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have her work in our office. Thanks for allowing Occupational Health the opportunity to be part of her career growth.”

  • Corporate Partner Interview in the Washington Business Journal
  • Carine Brice, American Health Lawyers Association

    “Yael is very dependable, reliable, pleasant, and very bright. He has grown so much professionally from the young ninth grader to the well-adjusted junior student worker with AHLA. He communicates well with everyone on staff from all levels of the Association. He works consistently well on his assignments and loves to do projects involving excel (which he does well on). He is always dressed professionally and comes to work to learn and to be part of the AHLA team.”

  • Divya Dewaker, Abacus Technologies

    “Tamia is so sweet and helpful, and we’re thrilled that both her and Katherine were able to return to Abacus this year. She loves working on the computer and has sought out work from our IT team. She’s also our HR Director’s go to intern whenever we need help planning various parties and social events in our office”.

  • Charis Choe-Joaquin, The Catholic University of America

    “Jessey is a very responsible young lady. She works hard and can be trusted to work with minimal supervision. Once, I stepped away from my desk and came back to find Jessey assisting the front office in my absence. She is a true team player.”

  • Jill Machol, Human Resources Manager, Providence Hospital

    “The great part about working with DBCR students is their enthusiasm and their willingness to help. You can stick them in the most boring task in the office and they get to work right away! Their work has been especially helpful this year as we are currently seeking additional staff to better support our patients. Just having someone to cover the phones and the front desk is a huge help.”

  • Gisselle Manzo, Class of 2018

    “Don Bosco has made me become who I am now, a leader and not a follower… I honestly love this school as well as the Corporate Work Study Program which has helped me become independent. I work in a school facility named Woods Academy and I enjoy working there.”

  • Belen Gutierrez, Class of 2018

    “I like my job because I get to be part of a team. One day at work [Honest Tea] we had to bring many bottles of tea to the basement. There were so many bottles that the whole staff had to help and I was one of those people who helped.”

  • Raquel Rodriguez, Training Specialist

    “Faculty and staff here at DBCR often marvel at the ease with which students juggle school, work and extracurricular activities. This special community of students make such hard work look like the norm, and it’s inspiring to get to work with them. Supervisors get to share in this too as they interact weekly with students at work.”

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